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Jared's Vision

A thriving, united, and healthy Annapolis for ALL. 

Jared's Strategy

Jared's strategy is to build a government that is focused on finding solutions.  We need to build a government that is resilient to the test of time but at the same time is responsive and provides basic services efficiently in the present day. 



We need to be able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations.    

  • We must work to prevent and address crime and the fear of violence.

  • We need to implement a comprehensive plan for affordable and workforce housing while maintaining adequate infrastructure. 

  • We must build communities that are resilient to the impacts of climate change, with a lens on equity and justice.



We need to be able to react quickly and positively. 

  • We need a City government with a culture of getting to yes (not no).

  • Customer Service must be a priority. Residents and businesses should have timely responses for services, questions, and issues.

  • Time is money. We need to ensure that City staff has the support needed, with best practices in place, to operate effectively and efficiently.



We need to achieve maximum productivity with minimum expense. 

  • We must be fiscally responsible, manage risks, and take advantage of available grant support.

  • We must lead with strategic planning and accountability. 

  • ​We should explore technologies like AI or machine learning. 

  • We must leverage partnership opportunities with the state, county, businesses, and Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis (HACA) and nonprofits. 

Jared's Commitment to YOU is to: 

Listen. Unite. Do

  • LISTEN to you and your perspective.

  • UNITE our city by bringing stakeholders together to find the best solutions.

  • DO the work it takes to deliver results.

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